SnapShades: customizable, magnetic sunglasses

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Apr 25 2014

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Your Shades. Your Rules. Wayfarer style sunglasses with interchangeable parts that snap together for instant and unlimited customization.

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“Not only are they functional, but they let you express yourself.”

What do you bring with you when you venture into the world everyday? Wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses. Whether you’re driving, adventuring, or just hanging out, when you’re in the sun you want your shades. From that first Spiderman-themed pair through your John Lennon phase, sunglasses have been in your pocket to protect your eyes and express your style.

The Wayfarer: a style icon

More than any other design, the Wayfarer is the classic sunglasses style. The trouble is, your style isn’t monochromatic, isn’t just one shade. You want to express a different part of who you are depending on where you are, who you’re with, and how you feel - beach time, work time, play time, date time. SnapShades are your solution for the challenge of bringing your personal style to your shades, even when your style changes by the hour.

The Power of Magnetism

Traditional sunglass hinges have two major problems. First, they get bent, broken, rusted, and pieces get lost (those pesky screws!). Second, they’re fixed, not allowing for any customization as your style evolves. At SnapShades, we’ve kept the vintage Wayfarer exterior but completely redesigned everything under the hood to create a pair of shades that keeps up with your style.

With a patent-pending magnetic hinge system that makes swapping out parts effortless, SnapShades are your ticket to durability and style freedom. With SnapShades, just put the side you want near the edge of the rim and it snaps right into place. Ready for a change? Twist the side and it pops right out. Whenever you’re ready for a new style, well, it’s a snap.


Not only do the magnets allow you to swap out sides for any occasion, SnapShades sides are designed to be Left/Right independent. You don’t have to keep track of which side is which, or carry them in “sets” — just snap on what you want, when you want it, and you’ll have the right shades to express your style at any moment.

Going out for the day? Carry a couple of extra sides around to instantly switch from day-at-the-beach style to dinner-with-the-parents style to dinosaurs-and-robots-house-party style (invite us to that one!). Your shades, your rules.

We’ve got lots of ideas for where SnapShades can go: matte colors, clear colors, metallic, glow in the dark, checkered, striped, spotted, plaid, made of metal. The list is almost infinite. But we need your support to get this off the ground and into the market.

To start the campaign, we are launching with 3 rim colors (black, white, and clear) and 12 side colors (black, white, grey, red, orange, yellow, light & dark green, light & dark blue, Tardis blu, purple and pink). More colors may be “unlocked” as the campaign goes on.

Premiums & Pledge Levels

Support SnapShades ($1)

The New Classic ($35)

Comes with 1 rim and 4 side colors of your choice. Please enter your rim and side color choices in the comments section of the checkout page.

The New Classic offers one frame and four sides of your choosing.

More Things! ($63)

Comes with 2 rim and 8 side colors of your choice. Please enter your rim and side color choices in the comments section of the checkout page.

More Things offers two frames and eight sides of your choosing.

All of the Things! ($89)

Comes with 3 rim and 12 side colors of your choice. Please enter your rim and side color choices in the comments section of the checkout page.

All of the Things offers three frames and 12 sides.

Make My Own Things! ($325)

Comes with all rim colors from the campaign, and 2 of each side color from the campaign. AND you get to become a permanent part of SnapShades. You get to make a new side color AND choose what we will call it….forever. Congrats, you’re famous!

Please enter your rim and side color choices in the comments section of the checkout page.

Clown Car ($360)

Get SnapShades for your whole crew! Classic SnapShades for 20 people: 20 rims and 80 sides of your choice. The first 12 backers get to name an existing color!

Please enter your rim and side color choices in the comments section of the checkout page.

Clown Car....with Extra Cheese! ($550)

All of the benefits of the Clown Car package, AND you get to become a permanent part of SnapShades. You get to make a new side color AND choose what we will call it….forever. Congrats, you’re famous!

Please enter your rim and side color choices in the comments section of the checkout page.

Manufacturing Plan

We have spent the last few months searching domestically and abroad for a supplier that can meet our needs for SnapShades. We located a domestic source who can produce compact, high grade magnets with repeatable accuracy. We have also developed a relationship with a supplier in China capable of maintaining the tight tolerances and precise specifications required to make SnapShades work. They will also be providing all of our packaging to reduce the overall cost to our customers. They are highly capable and ready to help us develop more styles, colors, shapes and patterns.

Risks & Challenges

While we have vetted the design, our product is still susceptible to some of the same risks as other newly tooled products. Our shades require some very precisely controlled dimensions and tight tolerances to function as designed. As such, the molds may take some tinkering with before we are able to zero in on that perfect product. But we would much rather spend the time to make sure the manufacturing is set up, the tooling accurate, and the assembly process robust, than risk delivering a product that’s anything less than the perfect pair of shades. We are currently targeting first shipment in June 2014. Just in time to rock your SnapShades all summer long.

From left to right: SnapShades Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3. Now we're getting somewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Sure, they look awesome, but will they protect me?

A. Of course! Safety First! SnapShades have polarized lenses that offer the complete spectrum of UV protection. So yeah, they’re easy on the eyes.

Q. I have a Sports Team / Company / Olympic team / Band / Space Squad: can you do custom orders?

A. Definitely! We can work with you to make sure you and your group are outfitted in a set of shades perfectly tailored to express your style, and at a price that looks as sweet as your shades. Patterns, logos, text, etc. For details, please contact us at and include “SnapShades Custom Order” in the subject.

Q. I’m interested in carrying SnapShades in my store. Do you take wholesale orders?

A. We are absolutely interested in building relationships with Brick and Mortar establishments. Please send an email to and include “SnapShades Retail Order” to discuss your interest further.

Q. Don’t magnets lose strength over time?

A. Busted. Magnets do lose strength over time. But at a rate of less than 1% over 10 years. Unlike that gas station hot dog, these magnets will never let you down.

Q. Will the magnets damage my electronics?

A. While the magnets may have some effect on credit cards, most electronics such as cell phones, iPods, and flash drives do not use magnetic storage and so should be unaffected. That being said, we suggest staying on the safe side and avoiding contact with electronics if possible.

Q. Is it safe to have magnets near my eyes and brain?

A. Oh my god, we hadn’t even thought of that! Shut it down! Just kidding. Magnets are totally safe, and have no known side effects. Some people actually think they have healing and chi balancing powers. We would just advise not swallowing them.

Q. Are there any temperature restrictions on the magnets?

A. Yes, at temperatures exceeding 176 degree Fahrenheit the magnets will begin to lose strength, and above 590 degrees they will lose all magnetic properties. So please, no shades baking experiments.

Q. How do I make a new color?

A. We’ll reach out to you personally after you make your pledge. We can make just about any Pantone color, so if you have one in mind, great! If not, no problem, we’ll work with you to find one you like.

Q. Can I name a color anything I want?

A. Um, no. let’s keep it PG-13. All names will have to be approved by SnapShades HQ. But it can’t hurt to try.

Q. How do I choose my colors?

A: Start by choosing a rim color(s), and backing a pledge level, then just enter your side choices in the comments of your purchase. New colors may be added throughout the campaign, so check back often. If you like one and want to change your order, just send us an email, and we’ll make it happen.

Q. How does shipping work for the Clown Car packages?

A. The whole package will be shipped to one address. All the more reason to have all your friends over for a party, and divvy up your sweet new shades!

Q. What about international orders?

A. While we are incredibly excited to spread SnapShades across the globe, we cannot include international shipping. if you order internationally, your shipping will be calculated in addition to your pledge.

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