LoRa Soldering Kit

IoT Dev Board for Prototyping with LoRa, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi

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The LoRa Soldering Kit is a LoRa module development board that consists of:

  • LoRa RN2483/RN2903 module
  • Arduino-compatible Atmega32u4 MCU
  • Raspberry Pi connector
  • Breadboard base for soldering in sensors

The main idea behind the LoRa Soldering Kit is to help IoT developers prove their ideas and prototype quickly. We know that a working prototype significantly increases the chances of finding investors and backers for your project. Solder in any sensor and use the LoRa module to send and receive data for up to 15 km on its own, without the need for cellular networks or operators. Because the board is battery powered, it can be placed in an area without electricity.

The Arduino Pro Micro compatible MCU (Atmega32u4 with USB interface) is used to control the LoRa send/receive functions. It is easy to program with many ready to use code examples.

A Raspberry Pi can also be used for a master MCU. For this set up the board includes a Raspberry Pi 40pin connector.

We call it the “LoRa Soldering Kit” because with just a little soldering, you can quickly build a functional prototype: just solder in a sensor, wire it to the MCU, use Arduino or Raspberry Pi code examples for all kind of sensors from the internet, and send data for up to 15 km, without having to worry about making mistakes in schematics or layout.

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