We are engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and artists. We know the challenges of going from idea to reality, and all the important details in between. We built Crowd Supply from the ground up to be the platform we'd want to use for our own projects and we strive to make it a great place to work, play, and grow. Learn more about what drives us.

Josh Lifton

Josh is Crowd Supply's President. He received his doctorate from the MIT Media Lab and holds a BA in physics and mathematics from Swarthmore College, which is to say he's devoted a significant amount of his time learning how to make things that blink. As head of Crowd Supply's project efforts, he is helping others do the same. Prior to Crowd Supply, Josh worked in a variety of technology settings, from instrumenting thousands of audience members with custom wearable computers for a Cirque du Soleil performance to, most recently, serving as head of engineering at Puppet Labs.

Scott Torborg

Scott is Crowd Supply's CTO. Graduating from MIT in 2007, he dabbled in hardware engineering for several years, before falling into the world of e-commerce as the CEO of Cart Logic, Inc. Achieving sporadic internet notoriety through projects such as the MIT Disco Dance Floor and TacoCopter, he enjoys pyrotechnics, baking cakes, and long walks on the beach.

Eric Strom

Eric is Crowd Supply's Director of Operations. He attended Washington State University, where in 2008 he received his B.S. in International Business. The subsequent four years he worked in financial services in London and Portland, OR. Eric's interest in new products and technologies brought him to Crowd Supply, where he is assisting in product curation and business development. In his spare time he can be found with headphones on, or in the great outdoors enjoying all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Darrell Rossman

Darrell is the Director of Special Projects for Crowd Supply. He has a background in taking things apart and occasionally putting things together. He has studied mathematics (hons) and philosophy at Coláiste na hOllscoile Corcaigh. Over the years, he's helped in manufacturing/designing projects small and large in a random assortment of capacities. But his most satisfying accomplishment to date was fixing a light-up toy at the age of 5. In his free time, Darrell plays with his lasers and dreams of projects he'll never have the time to complete.

Hannah Prince

Hannah is Crowd Supply's Warehouse Manager and Director of Photography. Hannah studied History and Studio Art at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. She has a background in technical photography and multimedia creation. Hannah joined the Crowd Supply team after realizing her natural aptitude for assembling cardboard boxes and overall passion for product fulfillment. She also assists with campaign organization and logistics. In her spare time Hannah enjoys losing hours in a good book, exploring Portland's local food and beer scene, and crushing puzzles.

Frederick Lifton

Fred Lifton is Crowd Supply’s Director of Campaign Communications. He has a doctorate in American Literature from Duke University and has previously worked as a tech writer and educator for Reed College, HP, Puppet Labs, and Docker. He brings a wealth of editorial and writing experience, having spent many years working with retailers large and small. Fred enjoys tinkering with electronics and building stuff like furniture and houses. He also likes cycling and hiking and only sometimes resents Portland’s weather.

Jill Burrows

Jill Burrows is Crowd Supply's Lead Architect. She's an itinerant slacker and college dropout (aka an autodidactic polymath). She's been soldering since a young age and probably has brain damage from lead poisoning. She's been known to set up networks for activists and has been involved in IT and programming for 20 years.

Advisory Board

Crowd Supply is fortunate to have the advice of some hoopy froods.

Bunnie Huang
Joe Grand

We are in Portland, Oregon.

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