We are engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and artists. We know the challenges of going from idea to reality, and all the important details in between. We built Crowd Supply from the ground up to be the platform we'd want to use for our own projects and we strive to make it a great place to work, play, and grow. Learn more about what drives us.

Josh Lifton
Co-founder & President
Scott Torborg
Co-founder & CTO
Eric Strom
Senior Director of Operations
Darrell Rossman
Director of Projects
Hannah Prince
Senior Project Manager
Fred Lifton
Director of Communications
Kelly Vogel
Logistics Manager
Will Matthews
Gabe Ingersoll
Media Production Specialist
Chris Walker
Project Manager

Advisory Board

Crowd Supply is fortunate to have the advice of some hoopy froods.

Bunnie Huang
Joe Grand

We are in Portland, Oregon.

We also like to hang out with our neighbors.

We accept projects and ship products worldwide.

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