We are engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and artists. We know the challenges of going from idea to reality, and all the important details in between. We built Crowd Supply from the ground up to be the platform we'd want to use for our own projects and we strive to make it a great place to work, play, and grow. Learn more about what drives us.

Co-founder & President
Co-founder & CTO
Senior Director of Operations
Director of Projects
Senior Project Manager
Director of Communications
Logistics Manager
Media Production Specialist
Project Manager

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We're looking for talented people to help us make Crowd Supply great. All positions are full-time, competitively compensated (including full benefits), and located in Portland, Oregon. Please submit applications and questions to jobs at crowdsupply dot com.

Lead Software Engineer

You are an excellent software engineer who not only keeps the website up and running, but also plans and executes new features and maintains the security of the site and our user data. Common tasks include carrying out complex database migrations, building and improving workflows with input from the entire team, applying security patches to various systems, and identifying and advocating for new features. You favor austere simplicity over glitzy whizbangery. You are at ease with or can quickly pick up our technology stack, which includes Git, Ansible, Python, Pyramid, Mako, MySQL, SQLalchemy, Elasticsearch, Celery, and Redis.

Project Manager

You are a compelling writer and communicator who guides Crowd Supply's project creators through every step of our project launch and delivery process. Common tasks include giving strongly opinionated and persuasive feedback to project creators, juggling multiple projects at once, fighting for the user, copy editing and crafting from whole cloth clear, descriptive text, and becoming expert enough in new technologies and products to communicate their value to others. You have a bottomless interest in technology in general and open source hardware in particular, and you strongly empathize with the plight of the first-time hardware creator.

Community Manager

You are an amazing builder of strong communities, both in person and online, who brings together our project creators and backers to become more than they were separately. Common tasks include devising new ways for our community to engage with us and each other, attending relevant industry events, planning and executing Teardown and other events, giving us voice in various social media channels, and upholding and refining our core values. You are deeply rooted in open source, take pleasure in being the catalyst for new ideas and friendships, and recognize that the loudest person in the room is often not the one to listen to.

Customer Support Coordinator

You are the voice of reason who guides customers through whatever mishaps may arise in the course of constantly shipping thousands of products around the world. Common tasks include emailing directly with customers to help address their concerns, researching the root cause of strange and interesting ways packages go missing, and collaborating with the entire team to make sure our customers are happy. You are unflappable, strongly empathize with the plight of the first-time crowdfunding campaign backer, and recognize that prevention is the most critical aspect of customer support.

Advisory Board

Crowd Supply is fortunate to have the advice of some hoopy froods.

Bunnie Huang
Joe Grand

We are in Portland, Oregon.

We also like to hang out with our neighbors.

We accept projects and ship products worldwide.

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