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Jan 26, 2019

Update 9 of 10

Announcing Teardown 2019

Last year’s Teardown was tremendously fun. Thanks again to everyone who attended and made it so great. There were amazing talks, workshops, demos, experiments, and installations. However, by far the most amazing part of Teardown was the people — the conversations, exchange of ideas, offers of support, questions, explanations, and off-the-cuff remarks. Here’s a recap we put together:

After three remarkable days, the one thing we at Crowd Supply knew for sure coming out of last year’s Teardown was that we wanted to do it again. So, here we are! I’m proud to announce that Teardown 2019 is officially happening. For all the details, check out the Teardown 2019 event page and be sure to subscribe there to receive the latest news in the run up to what promises to be an even better Teardown:

Learn More About Teardown 2019

We can’t wait to see you in June!

Josh & the Crowd Supply team

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