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Reception at Autodesk

Join us at the Autodesk office for canapés, cheese and conversation, just over the Willamette river.

Food information: Cheese, charcuterie and canapés. Canapés will include vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free options. No alcohol will be served but we will have plenty of fancy soft drinks. After eating you can either decamp to Revolution Hall for drinks or join the Pedalpalooza Loud and Lit bike ride.

Transport options: Public transit options: A ten minute bus ride, on the 6, 12 or 19 bus routes, or a 22 minute tram ride on the B. Active transit options: a fifteen minute cycle ride or a 39 minute walk. We would recommend crossing the river using the Hawthorne bridge. You can rent orange BikeTown e-bikes anywhere in the city - they are a great and cheap way to get around Portland. A five minute drive.