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Making a Software-Defined Radio That Just Works: WSDR + uSDR

Andrew Avtushenko
June 23, 2023 3:30-3:55 PM

FMH Room 204

Have you ever used software-defined radio? Well, simply getting started requires the installation of compatible software support libraries and drivers for your operating system, followed by the installation and configuration software. Given the numerous software versions available, this process can be challenging and and discouraging. To address this, we have developed uSDR, a straightforward hardware solution that operates directly in a web browser using WebUSB technology, effectively eliminating the hassles of app installation, compatibility issues, and complex configurations. The WSDR, the web platform behind uSDR, makes software-defined radio accessible to everyone, providing an easy starting point for learning and prototyping. It allows you to run a spectrum analyzer, listen to FM radio, record IQ data, analyze recordings, and much more, all from your browser. As an example, we adapted the oscmocom stack to run a 2G network in a web browser.

Made possible with generous support from AMD.

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