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Build a MIDI2DMX Interface

Jesse M
June 25, 2023 3:30-5:25 PM

FMH Room 219

Want to control standard club or theatrical DMX lights with any hardware or software that's able to send MIDI CCs? Think Ableton Live, Octratrack (and other hardware sequencers), MaxMSP, Pure Data, or custom code from almost any device with a USB port. While commercial DMX interfaces are costly and require custom driver support, the MIDI2DMX project takes advantage of the Teensy's super power to be a class-compliant MIDI device, and MIDI's cultural power of being every musician's favorite 8-bit protocol. This workshop can double as a soldering intro if you're new to the sport - and you'll leave with a MIDI2DMX device that you built! Limited to 15 participants (or teams of participants).