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LED Animations with CircuitPython

June 23, 2023 3:30-4:55 PM

FMH Room 200

Learn to use the CircuitPython LED animation library as a convenient basis for incorporating LED animations into your projects, and how to expand on its base functionality to create your own original animation patterns. Please bring a laptop with the Thonny IDE (https://thonny.org/) pre-installed. Twenty hardware kits will be available at no charge for participants to use and keep afterward. The kit contains an ESP32 C3-based microcontroller board, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 20-pixel LED string, max4466 microphone, USB-C data cable, and 3D printed case that are easily assembled (no soldering required) to make a codeable, wearable, illuminated lanyard for conference badges. More than 20 participants can be accommodated if they bring their own CircuitPython-enabled microcontroller board and an LED strip/string.