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Production Complete

Production Complete

Hello TinyFPGA BX supporters! The production TinyFPGA BX boards arrived on July 3rd and are in the process of being tested. This is earlier than planned and will help to pull in the shipping schedule. Continue reading for a quick status update and important shipping information.

Additional Work

The boards came back from PCBWay in panels of 20 boards each. The day they arrived I was able to break down all the panels and clean up the board edges.

All of the boards for backers and preorders will be tested over the next few days. The boards are being packaged along with their individual test results.

Timeline to Ship

I will begin shipping orders on Monday, July 9th. Orders will be shipped in the order in which they were placed. Please make sure your shipping information is up to date by Saturday, July 7th. To check and/or change your shipping address, log into your Crowd Supply account. All orders are planned to be shipped by Friday, July 13.

Shipping Information

IMPORTANT: Read carefully!

Shipping to the USA

You’ll receive an email letting you know that your package has shipped. After your order is shipped, transit time within the USA is 3-5 days.

  • Orders for 1 or 2 TinyFPGA BX boards will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail and will not have tracking numbers.
  • Orders for 5 or more TinyFPGA BX boards will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail and will have a tracking number.

Shipping outside the USA

Customers outside the USA are responsible for paying any duties applicable to their country. If there are any special import requirements for your country please contact me with your order information and any additional instructions.

A shipment notification email with a tracking number will be sent shortly after your order has shipped. After that, transit time to international locations is 15-40 days. Most orders will be delivered within 20 days. If you do not receive your package after 40 days please contact me immediately at luke@tinyfpga.com and I will help remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

  • Orders for 1 or 2 TinyFPGA BX boards will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail International and will have a tracking number within the USA. Once the shipment leaves the USA its tracking information is not typically updated.
  • Orders for 5 or more TinyFPGA BX boards will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail International and will have a tracking number from source to destination.

TinyFPGA Forums

In the coming days you will all receive an invitation to join the TinyFPGA Forums. This is the first and best location to get tech support for your TinyFPGA BX board, to share ideas for projects, and to see what other people are making. Any questions that get answered on the forums will be available for everyone else. There is a small community there today and it is about to grow significantly with all of the new TinyFPGA BX owners.

Back to work!

I am thrilled to have the TinyFPGA BX boards on hand and healthy! I am hard at work to get them tested, packaged, and shipped to backers world-wide. If you have any special questions or concerns about your order please feel free to contact me at luke@tinyfpga.com. For any technical questions about using the board, please post your query on the TinyFPGA Forums.

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Product Choices



The most feature-rich TinyFPGA with the biggest FPGA, most IO, most flash, and programming directly over USB.



A bare-bones TinyFPGA using the XO2-1200 FPGA with 1200 logic cells, more RAM, and flash memory.



The most bare-bones TinyFPGA, with an XO2-256 FPGA featuring 256 logic cells.


TinyFPGA Programmer

A very simple USB-JTAG bridge designed to program bitstreams onto TinyFPGA AX1 and AX2 boards.



TinyFPGA is a one-man endeavor to bring the incredible capabilities of FPGAs to makers around the world. Luke started TinyFPGA while looking for an FPGA that could be used in a breadboard. When no suitable candidate was found he took it upon himself to develop a tiny FPGA dev board.

Luke Valenty

OSH Park

Prototype PCB Manufacturer


PCBA Manufacturer

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