Pijin: Spelling Game of the Spoken Word

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Phonetic Scrabble meets Apples-to-Apples! Pijin is an exciting game of quick-witted phonetic spelling & word associations!

Pijin is the world’s first spelling game of the spoken word. It’s a board game of phonemes and natural language speech recognition for humans. Playing is simple: you spell out words using tiles marked not with letters but with the basic sound elements of language, phonemes!

As in Bananagrams, Scrabble, and Words with Friends, you are spelling words competitively to gather as many points as you can. As in Apples to Apples, Scattergories, and Anomia, you respond to Action Cards to name things quickly and strategically, and the evaluation of the responses is entirely up to the players: no reference source, no answer sheet, and no dictionary needed.

double-sided phoneme tiles

action cards

Pijin’s unique emphasis on the sounds of language prompts a shift in thinking from visual to audio, from abstract concept to concrete sensation, as players sound out the words played. The resulting surprise of seeing those sounds spelled in an “incorrect” manner is all part of the fun!

The Pijin game-set includes

  • 144 double-sided phoneme tiles
  • 54 Action Cards
  • 54 IPA Symbols Cards
  • 1 GrabBag
  • 6 Player’s Mats (AKA, Cheat Sheets!)
  • Player’s Manual

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