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Dec 04, 2015

Final Phase

The UHK Campaign enters final phase

It’s been a roller coaster in the past 6 weeks, and we are entering final phase of our crowdfunding campaign. With 10 days left, we are almost fully funded collecting $190,000, and at this point we would like to ask for your help to make the UHK happen!

How can you help?

It will take just a few minutes to complete these 5 steps to spread the word about our campaign and let your friends know why you love the UHK. It is also a Last Chance for them to get the UHK at special early bird price.




STEP 4: Post about the UHK in your favourite forum to let people know how great it is.

STEP 5: Tell your friends and colleagues about the UHK and why you love it.

The UHK is voted as best keyboard for programmers!

A question was posted on Quora recently, asking “What is the best keyboard for a programmer?”. A total of 49 answers were posted and the UHK was included too. In just two weeks, the UHK collected the most upvotes and became the No.1 keyboard for programmers!

UHK video in Korean

One of our supporters in Korea created a video for their local audience. Big thanks!

See the video

Campaign stats

So far 819 keyboards have been pre-ordered - here is the breakdown of the options requested:

ANSI is the clear winner regarding the Layout.

No surprise here: The most ordered Keycap Printing is for the Linux configuration. And then it’s a close fight between Mac and Windows.

Blues & Browns dominate the scene here, accounting for 75% of total boards.

We are working hard on the UHK to make sure we provide a truly unique and high quality offering. We will keep you updated on our progress.

If you have any questions, please ask us!

Laci, lead developer of the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

$578,892 raised

of $200,000 goal

Funded! Order Now

Dec 14 2015

funded on





Product Choices


Crowd Supply Special UHK - $30 Off Retail Price

A fully programmable, impeccably built, open source, split mechanical keyboard - designed for extreme productivity and ergonomics. Available at a discounted pre-order rate, the UHK will retail for $250.


UHK Modules

Fully programmable add-on modules that snap onto the inside of the keyboard halves. Purchase in this bundle pack for extra savings.

Add On Modules


UHK Palm Rest

A super comfortable, truly split, wooden UHK palm rest - designed to add even more to the keyboard ergonomics by tilting and tenting to fit your needs.


Extra UHK case

An extra case for your UHK.

UHK Extra Case


Extra UHK keycaps

An extra set of keycaps for your UHK.

UHK Keycaps

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