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Jul 06, 2015

Bringing Zippers to China - A Product Development Story

Hi Backers,

The Air Pakk passed my test! And for the past several weeks I’ve been working to begin production on the Air Pakk as soon as possible. I’ll be heading back to China on the 5th, to start & oversee production of the Air Pakk and also bring the elusive 120 inch long zipper with separating bottom back to its birth place; China.

The 120 inch long zipper with a separating bottom, used for the outer cover, isn’t something commonly used. And for reasons I still don’t understand, getting the zipper from sources in China (where they are made) is much slower than ordering them from the US. So rather than wait an absurd amount of time for just 250 zippers, I’ve purchased them from a company in New York and will be flying them to China myself.

With 48 lbs of zippers in hand, production is scheduled to be finished by July 16th, with the Air Pakk arriving in the US at the end of July. I’m looking into other ways to shave off a few days of transit time, so I’ll let you know as soon as the arrival date is set.

I’m sure all of you are as anxious as I am to get this Air Pakk made and shipped out. So I hope you’re has happy as I am that things will be wrapping up.

If you have any questions, please send me a message thru Crowd Supply.

– Ryan

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