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Savino: Today's Wine Tomorrow

The Savino retails for $50. The sale price of $35 is valid for a limited time, through December 6, 2016.


An easy-to-use wine preservation system that allows you to enjoy fresh wine days after opening the bottle.

“What do I do with this leftover wine?” Those of us that have enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner have all been there; do we drink the bottle, or save it for another meal? The maker’s of the Savino Wine Preservation System have introduced a solution for this problem.

Most wine preservation solutions are expensive, bulky, or add inert gases to the wine. Savino is just as effective at half the price with a sleek design and no additives. Instead of trying to control the wine’s current environment, Savino puts wine into a new environment.

Savino even put their product to the test against various other wine preservation solutions. After tasting wines that were stored for 16 days, the majority of tasters continually voted Savino as most effective in preserving the natural characteristics of the wine.

Being a great wine preserver was not enough. Savino made sure their product is elegant and extremely easy-to-use. They also focused on the details that wine-lovers care about including a drip free rim, a top that prevents accidental spills, the capacity to hold 750ml of wine and a design that easily fits in your hand for pouring and in most refrigerators for storing.

Product Features

Included with every Savino purchase is:

  • High-grade flint glass carafe & top
  • Tritan polymer & BPA free float
  • Food-grade silicone sealing top, neck band & float ring
  • Drip free rim
  • Instruction sheet
  • Retail Box

Product Specifications

  • Weight: 2.75 lbs
  • Height: 10”
  • Diameter: 3”
  • Capacity: 750 ml

History of Savino

Fifteen years ago Scott Tavenner opened his refrigerator to find a glass of wine sitting on the top shelf. When he asked his wife why she put a glass of wine in the refrigerator she responded, “I wanted to preserve it for later.” And so began Scott’s journey to bring her Savino.

In October of 2012 Scott brought his vision for a better wine preservation system to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where he raised over $85,000 in 30 days and was able to bring the Savino into production.

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Savino is an easy-to-use wine preservation system that allows you to enjoy your favorite wines any time without waiting for an occasion.

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