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Apr 01, 2016

April Update & A Final Design Change

WINKPENS Community,

As we near the end of March, I wanted to reach out and give you all another update in regards to how production is progressing. Aside from the glass nibs, all other pen components are official done! I will be spending a majority of the next weeks organizing inventory, assembling, and readying to move onto order fulfillment once our nibs are completed.

I do, however, have one major design update in regards to the glass nib: another change has been made, but it ultimately leaves us with an even more durable and consistent writing tip. Before going into further detail, know that we are still on track to begin shipping sometime in April and continuing to do so throughout the month of May as we receive nibs and complete the product accordingly.

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New Nib Design:

As most of you know, our glass writing nibs are truly unique and one of a kind, since they are individually and locally hand-crafted here in the United States out of borosilicate glass. Unfortunately, it has become apparent that our previous design was making it nearly impossible to replicate in a timely and consistent manner. Even with our amazing artisans, who have well over a decade of glass experience, many concerns begun to arise.

A couple weeks ago, I spoke with our glass worker and found out we were throwing away nearly five out of every six nibs in creating ones that were potentially viable and up to standard. With all the inconsistencies and time and material lost, the two-sided nib design was becoming a huge loss on all fronts. After further testing with the newest samples I had received, besides the manufacturing problems, I started to encounter new break risks.

The last few weeks without a doubt, have been crazy…. but, like we’ve discovered throughout this journey, there is always an answer if willing to look hard enough. What started as quite a big scare ultimately brought us to a much stronger design that I’m excited to share with you all!

The previously two-sided nib will now change to being one-sided.


  • Reduction of break risk: When assembling the pen, I discovered that if the nib was pushed too far in, the second tip would hit the steel tube contained inside the coupler and resulted in a high risk of breakage.

  • Diameter consistency throughout the body: When creating the nibs, we discovered that having to reheat the glass in order to draw out the second tip caused inconsistencies in the body. It also gave us much less control of the overall length to have two ends. If something was off by just a millimeter, the entire piece had to be scrapped. Keep in mind, these are all hand-made, so it was also very difficult having to get so close to the flame without burning our glass partner’s fingers!

  • More robust design, better performance and reliability: The new design has a flame polished end as opposed to a second tip. With the back end flame polished, we no longer have to worry about it breaking when too much pressure is applied. In addition, due to the body of the nib being more consistent throughout, we get a more snug and secure fit, which also results in a more uniform ink flow.

  • Increased capacity: To the delight of our glass workers (and us as well), they can now not only craft a more consistent and durable product; but do so more quickly and efficiently! This is a considerably better design that benefits everyone involved.

Here is an illustration to better communicate the above details:

Please note that each pen will still come with one nib, however, we do plan to eventually sell nibs separately and in sets for those interested in having extras.

A big thanks to everyone again for your ongoing patience and support. I know this journey has been a bumpy one, but the finish line is well within reach. From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for standing by this product, this company, and me, as we’ve navigated around each hurdle that has come our way. As challenging and as trying as all of this has been, I am ultimately thankful as it has only resulted in a better product. I am forever grateful for all of you and this amazing community that has formed around what started as an idea; which has since evolved into a reality and a company.

-Jessica Chan
WINKPENS president

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