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The Yogo mat: Take yoga anywhere.

A simpler, more efficient solution to practice yoga anywhere. Crowdfund Mafia
Fantastic product! Best of all, it's 100% recylable. SwissMiss
Anyone with a love for yoga will absolutely adore the YOGO Mat. TrendHunter
I'll never have a bulky yoga mat sticking out of my jogging stroller again. Kathleen Hicks, Yoga Instructor, Runner, Triathlete & Mom
I'm always on the road. The YOGO Mat is amazing - it folds up very small and is always in my carry-on. Till Schenk, Sports Commentator
Perfect protection against germs, viruses, molds and sweat. Dr. Prem's Yoga Guide

What is a YOGO Mat?

The most convenient, cleanest full-size yoga mat (EVER).

About the size of a bottle of wine when folded, the YOGO Mat fits in bags and purses without coming unfolded. It can also be hung to dry after cleaning.

Can your mat do that?

The YOGO Mat

  • 100% biodegradable natural rubber mat
  • 100% recyclable
  • 2 pounds light
  • Rinse and hang-dry using reversible straps
  • Slip-resistant and very "grippy" even with mild perspiration
  • Also perfect for P90X, Pilates and other mat-based exercise
  • Manufactured in the USA

Take your workout anywhere, without the bulky, heavy mat.

  • Commuting before/after work or school
  • Traveling by plane, train, bike, or rollerskates
  • Studio (never use another gross "rental" mat again)

Cleanest yoga in the World

The YOGO Mat features patented straps that allow you to rinse and hang it to dry when you're done practicing.

A regular yoga mat rolls up, practice surface touching underside, which faces the dirty ground. Because the YOGO Mat folds up, its top surface never touches its bottom surface.

Germs, viruses, molds, and sweat therefore stay on the ground - and not on your practice surface.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions when folded: 12 inches x 5 inches x 4 inches
  • Dimensions when unfolded: 24 inches x 68 inches (same as a roll-up mat)
  • Thickness: approximately 1.5mm (1/16") thick
  • Colors: choose from Charcoal Gray with Cayenne straps, Indigo with Flax straps, and Plum Purple with Sand straps

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YOGO is a yoga startup and maker of the iconic YOGO Mat, the eco-friendly travel mat that folds and secures to fit in bags or purses.

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