An eco-friendly yoga mat that folds and secures to fit in bags and purses, is easy to clean, and is easily to take anywhere.

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Manufacturing & Production Update

Dear YOGOmat Backers,

I am writing to touch base with you. If you are in CA you are likely experiencing unseasonably lovely weather, if on the US East Coast, embracing full-swing fall weather.

Here at YOGO we have been surmounting problems that are typical of a startup’s first run of products. Our primary manufacturer and fulfillment partner is experiencing organizational problems, and at the 11th hour (or maybe 15th hour) has announced that they will not be able to produce the YOGOmat any time soon (!). However, UNDAUNTED, we are in the process of quickly finding a new and excellent manufacturer and fulfillment entity. Our main concern, above all else, is the anxiousness you may feel in wanting your mat, and that is what is driving the urgency of our efforts EVERY day.

We have brought on a new firefighter to the company, Jessica Thompson, as Chief of Operations and Finance, and she is triaging the set-up of a new manufacturing chain. Jessica brings with her 10 years of business management and management consulting in clean products and technology and I have no doubt that she will expedite the transition process.

All YOGOmat components have arrived and are ready, and we are just seeking the best sewing and shipping partners to deliver you the final first-run YOGOmat.

Thank you, as always, for your tremendous patience and for helping bring this product to market.

All the Best,
Ryon Lane

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