An eco-friendly yoga mat that folds and secures to fit in bags and purses, is easy to clean, and is easily to take anywhere.

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Shipping Update: 75% done

Hello Backers!

Just wanted to share an update on shipping. We are about 75% there, and think that all of them will be out by Monday. We appreciate your patience and really hope you enjoy your new yogomat.

Emails: you should get a generic looking shipping confirmation email when your mat goes. If you haven’t received the confirmation it yet, then please check your spam folder and it is also possible there was a typo in the email. If you still don’t have an email by the end of next week then please message us.

It is very gratifying to see people enjoying their mats. We’d love you to send us a photo of you with your trophy, or tag it on instagram #yogomat to see it pop up on the website www.yogo.net.

Be Well,

Jessica, Co-Founder

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Maker of the iconic YOGO Mat, the best eco-friendly compact travel mat ever made. Take Yoga Anywhere. ™

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