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Mar 15, 2019

Update 4 of 13

Announcing the Qorvo RF Accelerator!

As you can see from the parade of recent projects on Crowd Supply, wireless and RF technologies are racing ahead, bringing with them amazing new forms of communication and sensing. A primary driver of this evolution is Qorvo, an RF technology company whose slogan "all around you" seems understated once you realize that their components and the wireless technologies they enable are literally all around you. We’re thrilled to welcome Qorvo as a sponsor of Teardown.

Not only is Qorvo sponsoring Teardown, but we are working with them to bring you the first-ever Qorvo RF Accelerator, which is a great opportunity for RF and wireless projects using Qorvo technology to boost their visibility, gain access to competitively priced components, and get a chance to show off their progress at Teardown.

Super early bird tickets sold out in a flash, but normal early bird tickets are still available for a limited time. Thanks again to Qorvo for helping keep last year’s relatively low ticket pricing while at the same time improving what Teardown has to offer!

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