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May 01, 2019

Update 5 of 13

Upcoming Deadlines and Sneak Peek at Presenters

In this update, we share the first sneak peek at some of the presenters that will be at Teardown. But first, some administrative details.

Deadlines & Details

Sneak Peek at Presentations

The Teardown event schedule is quickly solidifying. Here’s a sampling of the amazing presentations we have lined up.

Sound Hacking and Music Machines

Talk by Helen Leigh (@helenleigh)

From the 1940s Musique Concrete and Daphne Oram’s work on early electronic music, to a pipe organ made of Furbies and singing plants, music has long been influenced by making and hacking. Helen Leigh will walk us through this history and how it influences her recent projects, including a tiny capacitive touch circuit sculpture harp and a DIY gesture-controlled wearable instrument she designed for Imogen Heap. Learn more about Helen Leigh’s projects.

Giant Board

Demo by Chris Alessandro (@groguard)

Giant Board is an open source, Linux-capable SBC compatible with the Featherwing ecosystem. It’s coming soon to Crowd Supply and Teardown attendees will be among the first to see it in action. Giant Board creator Chris Alessandro will show it off in person. Warning: this demo may include robots. Learn more about Giant Board.

Church of Robotron

Installation by a rogue band of humans (@Church_Robotron)

The Church of Robotron is a mobile training facility (and immersive gaming experience) that uses hazardous environments, religious indoctrination, and emotional triggers to promote the development of the skills necessary to survive in a hostile post-human environment. Its creators aim to use their field installation to educate and indoctrinate people about the robot uprising in progress. 2084 is coming fast. Learn more about Church of Robotron.

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