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Jun 12, 2019

Update 8 of 13

Schedule, Volunteers, and Scrap Swap

Teardown kicks off next Friday afternoon! Here’s the full schedule, a call for volunteers, your chance to finally get rid of (or acquire) some shelfware, and a special thank you.


We’ve got a great lineup of talks, workshops, demos, and installations. Here’s the preliminary schedule of all sessions:


Session times and locations are subject to change, but this schedule gives you a good idea of what to expect. All workshops are free of charge (thank you, sponsors!), but will have limited capacities. The workshop registration process will be detailed in a separate update. We’ll post full descriptions of sessions and bios of presenters within the next 48 hours. Stay tuned!

Call for Volunteers

Want to help make Teardown awesome? We’re looking for volunteers to do everything from kitting event goodies and guiding attendees to setting up rooms and soldering odds and ends. Volunteer slots are four hours long. Volunteers will receive a Teardown ticket, which includes all the goodies, talks, workshops, food, parties, and puzzles. Interested? Sign up for a slot (or two)!

Scrap Swap

Think of all the spare reels of LEDs, bags of connectors, trays of multiplexers, and boxes of dev boards that lie fallow in your garage/basement/workbench/drawer/shelves/pockets. Multiply that by 250 to get the entire expected inventory of scrap among Teardown attendees. Now, imagine redistributing it all so it gets put to good use. Enter the Scrap Swap room! Bring your scrap! Take someone else’s scrap! We’ll find something to do with anything that’s left over. (Use good judgment - e.g., no toxic waste.)

Yay for Supplyframe!

We’re thrilled our friends at Supplyframe have joined Teardown as a sponsor! The steady hand behind favorites such as Hackaday and Tindie, Supplyframe is deeply entrenched in hardware and will fit right in at Teardown. Thanks to the support of Supplyframe and other sponsors, we’ve managed to keep ticket prices relatively low while expanding what Teardown has to offer.

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