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Call for Proposals | Teardown 2024

Teardown 2024 is a great opportunity to spread your ideas, show off your work, solicit feedback, enrich the hardware community, and foster collaborations. All presenters will receive a complimentary pass. Previous events have featured amazing presentations on a wide range of hardware topics — FPGAs, DIY AI, KiCad, firmware, BOMs, covert blinkenlights, the DMCA, security, RISC-V, prototyping, and so much more.

Would you like to present? There are four general session formats:

Please tell us about your session below. We will review your proposal and contact you as soon as we can. See the official event page for the latest schedule and updates. We will not publicly release any of the information you provide in this submission without first giving you the opportunity to review it and make changes.

Pseudonyms are welcome.

If your session has multiple presenters, please list them in the Bio below.

Please provide a short description (less than 1000 characters) of your proposed session. This description, along with the title of your session, is primarily how participants will decide whether to attend your session.

Please provide some background about yourself and any other presenters, including any related project or speaking experience.

Provide additional information that will help us evaluate your proposed session, including links to where we can find out more about you or your project. Social media profiles, project repositories, demo videos, etc. are all helpful. This information will not be published.

Describe any scheduling constraints for your event: e.g. if you will only be attending the conference on specific days.

Describe any equipment or facility requirements for your session: network access, special lighting conditions, speakers, etc.