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Artistic PCBs

Ayesha W

The Teardown 2024 schedule is not yet finalized.
Check back here for time and location.

This installation showcases a number of intricate PCB badge designs, from daisy-shaped RP2040 RGB PCBs to Pikachu-shaped LiPo Chargers, and from lily-shaped light-up PCBs to butterfly and frog-shaped sensors.

Engage your senses as you interact with this array of charming creations, connected together to form a captivating display of light and interactive electronics. Every circuit tells a story and sparks the imagination

PCB Badges by Ayesha Iftiqhar-Wilson

Ayesha Iftiqhar-Wilson is an Electrical Engineer fully dedicated to advancing Climate Tech through her work with startups. Additionally, she is passionate about STEAM Outreach initiatives, mentoring underrepresented youth by introducing them to Electronics and programming through engaging workshops. As part of these workshops, Iftiqhar-Wilson designs imaginative and artistic PCBs, ensuring that participants leave with both knowledge and a keepsake of their experience.