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LED Light Art

The Teardown 2024 schedule is not yet finalized.
Check back here for time and location.

Jason Coon from Evil Genius Labs will be showing a collection of LED light art pieces, ranging in size from 1" (25.4mm) to 20" (500mm). Some are interactive, touch sensitive, or audio reactive. Most are organic, based on nature, the Fibonacci sequence, and Fermat’s spirals. All are mesmerizing.

This installation includes a wide range of these pieces, including Fibonacci512, CycloHex, Kraken, Chamaeleon, Flower (based on Overflower by Bleeptrack), a wearable Fibonacci128 bracelet, and a Lux Lavalier pendant: a collaboration with Debra Ansell (Geek Mom Projects) and Ben Hencke (ElectroMage / PixelBlaze).

Light Art by Jason Coon from Evil Genius Labs

Jason Coon has been a maker for about 10 years. He uses 3D printing, laser cutting, custom PCB design, custom firmware development, and other tools & techniques to make new custom LED light art pieces. He loves collaborating with other makers like Debra Ansell (Geek Mom Projects), Ben Hencke (ElectroMage), Carrie Sundra (Alpenglow), and many more.