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Claire Cassidy (with E


Synthia is both a light art piece and twin piano in one. Designed to make music more approachable without any training or background in music theory, combining colors with notes it makes it easier to “see” melodies. The keyboards represent notes as colors across a spectrum. The keys reconfigure themselves to various music scales across a large number of instruments. There are no “wrong” notes!

When a note is played the instrument’s sound and pitch is turned into a texture of light, a cascading waterfall of light bursts from that end of the table across to the other side. When two people are playing, the lights and sounds can harmonize, or create a chaotic light battle and a cacophony of sound — it’s up to you!

Ben Henke is the wizard behind https://ElectroMage.com - creator of the beloved Pixelblaze LED controller.

Claire Cassidy is a prolific LED artist and fellow light wizard currently helping wrangle Electromage into ever better shape.