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From making an open source patient monitor to making it wearable: The HealthyPi Story

June 23, 2024 2:00-2:20 PM

Talk track 1

This talk tells the story of HealthyPi, an open source patient monitor concept that we made, and how it evolved to the HealthyPi Move, a wearable monitor that can be used for continuous monitoring of vital signs, and also everything in between.

The talk covers the challenges faced in making a wearable device, the design decisions that went into making HealthyPi, and the lessons learned along the way. The talk also covers the open source hardware and software that went into and came out of making HealthyPi, and how it can be used to make other medical devices too.

Ashwin Whitchurch is part of a company called ProtoCentral Electronics, an India-based developer and manufacturer of open source hardware, mainly focused on open source healthcare applications. They have launched a number of projects on Crowd Supply and getting ready to launch the next one. Whitchurch is a software and hardware engineer by education, with Masters degrees in both subjects. Currently interests include developing medical embedded devices using the Zephyr ecosystem.

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