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How I Switched From Eagle To KiCad With No Surprises Whatsoever

June 23, 2024 2:30-2:50 PM

Talk Track 1

What could be more fun that listening to a newbie rant on about everything they discovered whilst switching PCB CAD systems?

This is a support group for people that, like me, have used Eagle for long enough to start to question if there really were 4 lights, er I mean that I don’t need a subscription service to have good tools.

I hardly know anything about KiCad, and thats plenty enough to use it to make things, so let me show you just how little you need to learn to make something!

Can we spin an art badge PCB during a talk, from scratch? Let’s find out!

Ben Hencke is a recently reformed and sometimes relapsing Eagle user, who has made a few PCBs over the years. Recently, the Pixelblaze and related boards. Hencke does do not have an EE degree, but he has been making PCBs since he was old enough to buy ferric chloride from RadioShack.

teardown-2024-ben-hencke-eagle-kicad.pdf 422 KB