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Making Puppy Buttons

The Teardown 2024 schedule is not yet finalized.
Check back here for time and location.

To help his dog communicate, Peter Griffin built a set of large, dog-friendly buttons that play pre-recorded words when pressed. Griffin will be talking about how he built these "puppy buttons", why you might want to build your own, and how to extend assistive technology for our pets beyond communication.

When possible, Griffin tends to use recycled, salvaged, or repaired electronics in his projects, so this will be less of a recipe and more about the adventure he found using an ancient Raspberry Pi as the foundation of his puppy buttons. Griffin hopes to inspires you to build something for someone else, make the most of the electronics around you, or at least be entertained by some cute doggy pictures.

Peter Griffin is an electronics and embedded systems enthusiast. He loves making awesome and useful things from stuff that other people would call junk. Next time you’re cleaning out an electronics bin, maybe you’ll consider taking something apart or giving it to someone who wants to. Who knows, it just might end up pictured on someone’s blog a few years later!