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Open-Source Wireless Sensor Network

David B
June 21, 2024 5:00-5:20 PM


The Open-source Wireless Sensor Network stack (OpenWSN) is a complete, IEEE/IETF standardized, open-source network protocol stack designed to run on wireless IoT hardware and ensure great packet delivery reliability. This stack is used in labs and industry applications worldwide to route packets in deployments from tens of nodes to hundreds or even thousands of mesh-networked wireless nodes. The OpenWSN project at OpenWSN.org serves as a repository for open-source implementations of these protocol stacks supporting a wide variety of hardware (microcontroller) and software (RTOS) platforms. Attendees will bring a Windows 10 laptop with at least one USB type A port. The workshop leads will lend out a set of OpenMote-B wireless microcontroller boards and lead attendees through toolchain setup, pulling and modifying firmware from GitHub, flashing the OpenMote-B and create a multi-node wireless mesh network with the organizers' PC acting as the mesh root node. This workshop is led by members of Portland State University’s Wireless Environmental Sensor Technology (WEST) lab.