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Space themed free-formed circuit sculptures

The Teardown 2024 schedule is not yet finalized.
Check back here for time and location.

Hardware engineer and circuit sculptor Mohit Bhoite will explore the art of building space-themed free-formed electronic circuit sculptures. Join this talk to learn how anyone with the right tools can get involved in this art form.

As well giving this talk, Bhoite will be displaying a selection of his sculptures as part of Teardown’s hacker art exhibit.

Bhoite has been making circuit art since the 90s, including a planetary lander inspired circuit sculpture with cellular connectivity, a tiny VU lander and a BLE satellite.

Space themed free-formed circuit sculptures by Mohit Bhoite

Mohit Bhoite works as a senior hardware engineer at Particle, where he designs and builds their flagship IoT products. He is also an avid maker who dedicates his personal time to building free-formed electronic circuit sculptures. He combines his background in electronics and robotics to create static and kinetic sculptures that convey information fetched over the internet through sound, light, and motion. These sculptures sometimes take on an anthropomorphic form thereby leading the viewer to attach personalities and emotions to them.