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STEAM Outreach and PCB Badges: Adding Art into Electronics

Ayesha W

The Teardown 2024 schedule is not yet finalized.
Check back here for time and location.

In this short talk, Ayesha Iftiqhar-Wilson explores the surging popularity of PCB badge projects and how they can be leveraged to teach PCB design in a more accessible way. By reimagining PCB artwork as a form of art and highlighting the beauty of the patterns etched in each layer of a PCB, beginners can be introduced to PCB design with ease.

Ayesha will share examples from her own projects, showcasing how these whimsical PCBs can be used as tools for outreach projects. Join this session to discover the creative potential of PCB badge projects and their role in making PCB design education exciting and inclusive for all.

PCB Badges by Ayesha Iftiqhar-Wilson

Ayesha Iftiqhar-Wilson is an Electrical Engineer fully dedicated to advancing Climate Tech through her work with startups. Additionally, she is passionate about STEAM Outreach initiatives, mentoring underrepresented youth by introducing them to Electronics and programming through engaging workshops. As part of these workshops, Iftiqhar-Wilson designs imaginative and artistic PCBs, ensuring that participants leave with both knowledge and a keepsake of their experience.