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Jun 20, 2024

Update 3 of 3

Getting here and getting in

by Helen Leigh

We’re excited to welcome you to Teardown 2024. Here’s how to get here and get in.


Teardown 2024 is held in the ex-GAP on the second floor of the Lloyd Center. We are one floor above the ice skating rink, opposite Gambit Games and Floating World Comics. We will have wayfinding signs at the major entrances to the mall.


Doors open on Friday at 10am and programming kicks off at 10.30am, but we’re also open from noon until 6pm Thursday (today) for pre-registration, hacking and socializing. Come along and work on projects or just hang out.

Getting in

Your ticket will be at the top of the email that goes out with this update as a QR code. Please have this QR code ready for us to scan when you check in. You can also find your QR code ticket, along with workshop bookings and other preferences, in your user account.

Hack the Planet

It’s looking like a pretty full house for the OMSI screening of the iconic 90s movie Hackers tonight at OMSI, but there are still a few tickets left if anyone is in town and wants to join us.

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