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Making IoT devices on ESP32 with Matter and Thread

June 21, 2024 4:00-5:50 PM

Workshop Track 2

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What’s the hot new thing in IoT these days? How about an open source connectivity standard around which the industry seems to be converging? It’s called Matter and it’s supported by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung. Most importantly, it gives device manufacturers a single standard to develop and test against.

In this workshop, we’ll get a development environment up and running using Espressif’s ESP-IDF and ESP Matter SDKs. We’ll learn about using development containers to maintain a consistent build environment regardless of host platform. We’ll build some sample applications, flash them onto an ESP32 device, and add them to a test environment in the workshop. Along the way, I’ll give an overview of home automation standards over the years. You’ll go home with an ESP32 device configured as a Matter light or sensor and the the ability to develop your own IoT devices.

This is an intermediate workshop. There will be no soldering, but you will need a Linux, Mac, or Windows laptop with git, esptool, Visual Studio Code, and Docker Desktop installed. You’ll also want to download the 18 gig development container before coming to the workshop so you’re not dependant on conference wifi for that. You’ll be given clear instructions in advance of the conference of what you need to prepare.

What you’ll get

What you’ll need

To prepare

PLEASE install the needed tools and docker image before you come so you’re not fighting with conference wifi on the day. Check out the instructions in the workshop README. There’s even a tl;dr version.

Made possible with generous support from Mouser Electronics.