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Retro Computing with the Hackaday Supercon badge "Voja4"

June 22, 2024 2:00-3:20 PM


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Event capacity: 20
Spots remaining: 17
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The Hackaday Supercon 2022 badge, affectionately dubbed the "Voja4", was a marvel of low-level computing. Featuring a 4-bit computer designed by Voja Antonic (and emulated with a PIC24), the badge contained over 200 LEDs to illuminate its inner workings. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to program and play with a Voja4, learning how computers work at the lowest level and making LEDs dance, 4 bits at a time.

Participants will need to bring their laptops with them and may find it helpful to download the workshop slides and the Voja4 Git repo beforehand, to avoid relying on on-site wifi.

This workshop is generously sponsored by Hack-a-Day, who are providing all participants with their own Voja4 to take home, as well as some fun swag, such as lanyards and stickers. Thanks, Hack-a-Day!

Nathan Jones is an active-duty Army officer and Assistant Professor at West Point Military Academy. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and his master’s degree in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University. One of Nathan’s favorite things is making neat electronic devices and then teaching people how to do the same.

Made possible with generous support from Hackaday.