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May 30, 2019

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Robot Sumo & Molex Design Challenge

Robot Sumo at last year's Teardown

Are you bad at building robots? Do you enjoy cheap, shoddy technology? Do you like watching lousy robots trying to smash each other? We’ve got the perfect event for you: Robot Sumo!

Robot Sumo is a robot fighting competition for the unmotivated, ungifted, or simply confused, where robots made from whatever’s lying around fight it out in "hand-to-hand" sumo wrestling. Last year, one contestant was made from a stale baguette. And it was awesome.

This is an opportunity for Teardown participants to embrace their inner under-achiever and resurrect old, broken tech into a genuinely mediocre robot! We had a bunch of rules last year, but no one followed them. This year, the only rule is to come prepared to cheer on your favorites and heckle the competition. Bring your own robot or build one from scratch. May the worst robot win!

Teardown Connects with Molex

If you’ve ever built… almost anything, then you’ve probably used a Molex component. Molex is a natural fit for Teardown and we’re thrilled to count them as one of this year’s platinum sponsors. As a global provider of electronic components and solutions, Molex has the experience and expertise to tackle any engineering challenge.

Yes, Molex makes pretty much every kind of connector and cabling you can imagine, but what if you don’t like cables and want to go wireless? Molex has you covered there too, with an astounding array of ready-to-use and custom antennas.

Molex Stay Connected Design Challenge

We’re also proud to be partnering with Molex to bring you the Molex Stay Connected Design Challenge. Through this design challenge, eligible Crowd Supply projects using Molex parts have the opportunity to amplify their success with a support package that includes heavily discounted components, promotion through Molex and its partners, and more.

Learn more about the Molex Stay Connected Design Challenge.

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