iCEBreaker FPGA

by 1BitSquared

The first open source iCE40 FPGA development board designed for teachers and students

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Early-bird Shipping

Hi Everyone!

Today we have a very short update with really good news!

We will start shipping your early-bird tier rewards in the next couple days. If you are an early-bird backer please check and make sure that your shipping address is up to date so that your package reaches you without issues.

As soon as your reward ships you will get a shipping confirmation from us with a USPS tracking number.

The full monthly progress update will follow shortly in a few days when Piotr is back from the LatchUp event in Portland.

You will get a shipping confirmation as soon as your package is on it’s way to you. Keep an eye on your email inboxes.

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Your own iCEBreaker FPGA development board and headers. Learn how to design digital logic, experiment with your own CPU core design, and build your next innovative project.


iCEBreaker DIP Switch Pmod

Single Pmod is ideal for simple exercises as well as an 8 bit input for your FPGA project. Required for the WTFpga workshop.


iCEBreaker 7-Segment Pmod

Single Pmod is ideal for simple exercises as well as number indicators for your FPGA project. One is required for WTFpga workshop and you will need two for the iCEBreaker workshop.


iCEBreaker 12-Bit DVI Pmod

Dual Pmod is ideal to add digital video output to your FPGA project. It is as easy to use as an analog VGA output without the need for high speed differential signals and encoding.


iCEBreaker LED Panel Driver Pmod

Dual Pmod to interface your FPGA project with a HUB75E interface RGB LED Matrix. By default configured for 3.3V signaling but can be switched to 5V signal shifting for those LED Panels that need it.


RGB LED Panel P2 64x64 (ICN2037 Shift Registers)

A tested and documented RGB LED Matrix with easy to use ICN2037 shift registers.



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