Privacy Policy

When you make a pledge to a crowdfunding campaign, we will list your first name, last initial, and city/state (e.g., John D. of Portland, OR) on the public list of backers. You can opt out of this in your account settings, under Privacy. We will share your email, shipping address, and purchase/pledge details with the creator of any project you pledge to only after the campaign reaches its goal. Pre-launch and reminder sign-up info will not be shared with creators. That’s it. We will not otherwise share your personal information with anyone for any reason unless compelled to do so by law.


We utilize a secure site for our shopping cart and account management, using encrypted transactions for all your financial and personal information. When you see ‘https’ rather than ‘http’ in your browser’s address window at checkout, you’ll know the data is encrypted as it passes between your computer and our servers. This prevents outsiders from obtaining personal data or credit card information being sent over the internet. Read more about our security policies…


Our order processing software automatically sends out an order confirmation email when an order is received. A shipping confirmation email will be sent to you when your order ships.

These emails are automatically sent by our server software. If you have spam blocking software, you may not be able to receive the emails. If you do not receive an order confirmation email or a shipping confirmation email, you can check the status of your order by clicking on My Account under the user icon in the upper right corner on our website.

We will not share your email address with third parties unless compelled to do so by law. If you wish to receive our weekly email newsletters which include special offers and information about new products, you can join our email list. You join this list automatically when you create your account the first time you pledge or order, but every email we send includes a ‘one click unsubscribe’ link so you can opt-out of all future emails simply and easily.

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