Privacy Policy

Last updated May 5, 2022.

The following topics are covered by this policy:

Guiding Principles

Personal Data We Collect

In the course of making a purchase, launching a campaign, or otherwise using our services, you explicitly give us information, such as your name, location, payment details, phone number, email address, and social media usernames.

We also collect some information you implicitly give us, such as your IP address, browser type, operating system type, and device type.

Collection Methods

We collect personal data in a number of ways:

  1. You explicitly give us the data by filling out a form on our website, such as when you complete checkout during a purchase.
  2. You explicitly give us the data by filling out a form on a third-party website when, for example, taking an online survey or providing a payment method other than credit card.
  3. You explicitly give us the data by speaking, emailing, or otherwise communicating directly with a Crowd Supply employee or representative.
  4. Your browser automatically gives us the data in the course of requesting and displaying content from our website.

Data Use

Some personal data we collect are used in the course of online commerce to complete your purchases and deliver the products you purchased. Some personal data is also used to publicly represent your user profile on our website. Google Analytics data for a particular project page (and its subpages) may be shared with that project’s creators so they can, for example, see how their backers are finding their project. Finally, some personal data may be used to inform how we make changes to our website and the services we provide.

Sharing Your Data

There are a limited set of circumstances under which we will share your personal data with third parties:

  1. The data is needed to make a payment. For example, we may share your billing address with our payment processor so they can verify the legitimacy of your credit card.
  2. The data is needed to deliver products you've purchased. For example, we may share your shipping address with our freight carrier so they can deliver your items to you.
  3. We may share your email, shipping address, and purchase/pledge details with the creator of any project you pledge to only after the campaign reaches its goal. We do not share personal payment information with creators.
  4. The data is part of your public profile. For example, by default, when you make a pledge to a Crowd Supply campaign, we will list your first name, last initial, and city/state (e.g., John D. of Portland, OR) on the public list of backers for the projects you backed.
  5. A company we own or a company who owns us has a legitimate business use for the data.
  6. We are compelled by law to share the data.

Controlling Your Data

You can change how and if you appear in a list of project backers, and other public profile parameters, by editing your account settings. You can request that we correct or completely remove your personal data by contacting us directly.


We utilize a secure site for our shopping cart and account management, using encrypted transactions for all your financial and personal information. When you see ‘https’ rather than ‘http’ in your browser’s address window at checkout, you’ll know the data is encrypted as it passes between your computer and our servers. This protects against outsiders obtaining personal data or credit card information being sent over the Internet. Read more about our security policies…


Our order processing software automatically sends out an order confirmation email when an order is received. A shipping confirmation email will be sent to you when your order ships.

These emails are automatically sent by our server software. If you have spam blocking software, you may not be able to receive the emails. If you do not receive an order confirmation email or a shipping confirmation email, you can check the status of your order by clicking on the user profile icon in the upper right corner on our website.

Each Crowd Supply project has an email list used to convey information and updates about only that project. When you make a pledge to a project, you are automatically subscribed to that email list. You can also subscribe to a project’s email list by explicitly entering your email address and/or clicking the subscribe button on the project page.

If you wish to receive our general email newsletters, which are sent roughly once per week and include special offers, information about new products, and sometimes the status of your pending orders, you can join our newsletter email list.

You can unsubscribe from any or all of these email lists at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link included in every email or managing your subscriptions from your account.

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