You make amazing hardware. We've got your back.

Crowd Supply is a curated, full-service crowdfunding and incubation platform for hardware creators.

We launch projects, accept orders, market products, support customers, process payments, handle accounting, ship packages, distribute to partners, manage inventory, and deal with all the painful operational details along the way. Crowd Supply is paid based on a percentage of product sales during the campaign (typically 12%) and does not take equity.

Matching Funds

We amplify the success of crowdfunded products by placing our own order that is typically between 50% and 100% of the total raised from backers. With this extra sales volume behind you, your product gets a more stable start to life.

Ongoing Distribution

We continue to sell and distribute after the crowdfunding period is over, making your products available to more customers for longer, all backed by global shipping and logistics. This is a non-exclusive arrangement, so once your campaign's original backers have received their orders, you are free to sell your product any way you wish.

Fulfillment & Logistics

Shipping a product worldwide is a challenging process with many pitfalls. Our parent company is Mouser Electronics, who work with us to provide global fulfillment for all campaigns. You ship one big box of product to us, and we handle everything from there, including import paperwork, export compliance, warehousing, packing, postage, sales taxes and VAT, and returns. We strive to make fulfillment as painless as possible so you can focus on hardware creation.


We are an experienced team of open hardware nerds who work with you to launch your campaign. Our team helps with media production, copywriting, component sourcing, risk mitigation, press outreach, fulfillment, and customer support. We’ve helped with the strategy, funding, and delivery of thousands of products, with great results - over 90% of projects launched on Crowd Supply successfully reach their funding goals.


We serve a vibrant global community of engineers, including over a quarter million registered Crowd Supply users and over 75,000 newsletter subscribers, who turn to us for high-quality, cutting-edge hardware. We maintain close ties with media outlets looking to cover the best new hardware, and we facilitate getting review units into the right hands. We also engage audiences directly via social media, such as Twitter, Discord, and YouTube, and in person at events, such as our flagship Teardown conference, as hosts of Hardware Happy Hours, and as participants in other events around the world.


We work hard to earn the trust of our community by carefully vetting all projects - we turn away nearly 90% of applications and we've never had a scam. Projects that launch on Crowd Supply go through a rigorous process to prepare them to deliver on the promises they make to backers. When a project launches on Crowd Supply, backers know it will be original, useful, and respectful. You're in good company.

"Working with Crowd Supply to launch Novena surpassed our greatest expectations — they were a true partner and made the process surprisingly painless."

Andrew "bunnie" Huang & Sean "xobs" Cross

Co-creators of Novena, and subsequently many other projects

"There are many crowdfunding platforms we could have chosen, but only Crowd Supply truly values open source hardware and principles. Over the years, their helpful and experienced team has helped us successfully launch our open source projects from keyboards to gardening tools."

Leon Anavi

Founder of ANAVI Technology

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