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You can contact us via the forms linked to from this page, phone message, or by mail. We will try to respond to requests within two business days.

When will my order ship?

You can check your order status and estimated shipping date from your account page.

To find out if a project's manufacturing and delivery schedule has changed, check the "Updates" page for the project or contact the creator directly through the "Ask a Question" link near the bottom of the project page.

For more detailed information, visit our Guide page on shipping. If you still have questions, please fill out this form.

My package is lost/stalled/missing

International packages sometimes appear to "stall" for several weeks while in transit. You may be able to get better tracking information on local carriers from a third-party tracking service such as AfterShip or Track It.

In some cases, tracking may indicate a package has been "delivered" when it is actually at a local customs or postal office. If a long time has passed without a tracking update, contact your local post office and/or customs agency before contacting us. However, be aware that you have a limited amount of time, usually 60 days, to file a claim if you think your package is lost.

For more detailed information, visit our Guide page on tracking international orders. If you still have questions, please fill out this form.

I need to change or cancel my order

You can change your shipping address by going to your Crowd Supply account page, choosing the open order you want to change, and then clicking the "Update Shipping Address" button.

We are unable to update billing addresses. If you must use a different billing address, please cancel and replace your order. See our Guide for more information.

See our Guide for detailed information on changing or canceling an order. To request a change or cancellation, please fill out this form.

I have a question about a specific project

If you have a question about how a product works or anything regarding the actual use and function of a project, you can communicate with project creators directly by using the "Ask [creator] a question" button near the bottom of every project page. Many projects also have discussion forums where users can compare notes and troubleshoot. These are usually linked from the project page.

I need an invoice

You can view and print-to-pdf an invoice for your orders by going to your Crowd Supply account page and selecting the order. An account was automatically created for you when you placed your first order; it is linked to the email address you used for the order. Lastly, your order confirmation email can also serve as an invoice. If you need something beyond this, please fill out this form.

I need a quote

We can provide an official quote if the following criteria are met:
  • The desired items are in stock
  • The total value of the quote is more than $2,500 (USD)
  • All requests for quotes (RFQ) must include the address to ship to, desired freight carrier, shipping account number to use (if any), the desired quantity, the desired delivery date, and the desired method of payment
  • All orders, even those initially submitted via an RFQ, must be paid in full before shipping

If your needs fulfill all the above requirements and you would like a quote, please fill out this form.

I want to return a product (RMA request)

Visit our Guide for more information on returns. To initiate a return, please fill out this form.

I want to pay using an alternative method

To pay by means other than credit card, please fill out this form.

I have a project idea

Great! We'd love to hear from you. Please visit our Guide to find out when and how to submit your project to Crowd Supply.


If you have a question or comment not addressed elsewhere, please fill out this form.

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