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Shipping amazing hardware is just the beginning.

Crowd Supply creators have put tens of thousands of original, useful, respectful products into the hands of eager backers around the globe. And those backers, in turn, have done all sorts of creative and interesting things with those products. Whether in person at our annual Teardown event, online in forums, or elsewhere, we're lucky to have witnessed a lot of amazing work. With our Field Reports program, we're sharing that good fortune with the whole community.

Share what you've accomplished.

Did you do something unique, difficult, or unexpected with your Crowd Supply product? Are you looking for alien signals from deep space? Building a robot that can do bike mechanics? Let the community know! Or, maybe you've done something less glamorous but nonetheless of potential use to others, like a custom enclosure for a dev board, or a solution to a knotty power management problem? Share a field report with us by filling out the form below.

Enjoy a bit of recognition.

If your field report is selected, you'll get a $25 Crowd Supply credit and your field report will be published as an official project update, emailed to backers of that project, included in our newsletter, and featured in our social media and blog. In addition, some projects may offer their own prizes and incentives.

Check out some recent field reports.


Backers in France used StereoPi to create a self-serve stereo-photo-booth for events. Read the full field report.

LimeSDR Mini

A backer in Spain used a LimeSDR Mini to build a functioning satellite ground station. Read the full field report.

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Briefly report how you used your Crowd Supply gear. Include any technical details you think would be helpful to the community. Tell us how it went, why you did it, what the results were, what challenges you faced - the more detail the better. Don't worry too much about the writing, we have editors.

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