ESP 360 Remote

A powerful ESP32-based IR/RF remote with sensors and easy integration into Home Assistant

Apr 27, 2023

Project update 8 of 12

New STEMMA Connector

by Alessandro A

Hello everyone! I hope you all are well, I’m doing great! The campaign is now over and it’s only thanks to you that it was such a success! I remind you to join the ESP 360 Remote Discord server if you have any questions, or issues to clarify, or you just want to see a little more behind the scenes of the project.

I am making two major modifications to the PCB. The first one, as mentioned in the last update, is the new RF modules. The second one is an addition that could be very useful for many of you: despite the small size, I’ve managed to add a STEMMA connector for the I2C bus on the underside of the PCB, so now you can expand the functionality of the ESP 360 Remote with whatever you want!

The connector is within the perimeter of the PCB, so if you don’t have anything to connect to it, you can use the standard version of the case (the one you’ve already seen so far), otherwise, you’ll need one with the appropriate opening (coming soon).

That’s all for this short update. I hope you like this modification. I’d love to connect you on Discord to hear what you think! See you in the next update!

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