ESP 360 Remote

A powerful ESP32-based IR/RF remote with sensors and easy integration into Home Assistant

Apr 04, 2023

Project update 5 of 12

Updates Behind the Scenes

by Alessandro A

Hello everyone!

This week I want to give you a brief update on what’s happening behind the scenes of ESP 360 Remote.


Continuing with last week’s update about enclosures, I can confirm that the resin-printed case is absolutely valid. Reception and transmission are always top-notch, and no problems have arisen. I’ve added the step files for the case to the GitHub repository, so you can modify it as you wish. Perhaps you might want to add some feet to the bottom of the case to raise the base a bit and improve airflow, or make any other modifications you desire.


I’ve opened pull request #2798 to add the ESP 360 Remote configuration to the official ESPHome documentation in the ESPHome cookbook section. Hopefully, this means you’ll soon be able to find the updated configuration directly on the official website.

In the meantime, I’m currently trying a software solution that should help stabilize temperature and humidity readings even more. For the moment, it looks promising. I’m sure I’ll have good news for you next week!


Additionally, from a hardware perspective, I’ve made some modifications to the first layer. I’ve included the logo in place of one of the two LEDs, and I’ve left only the one on the edge controlled by an output of the ESP32. I changed the footprint of the four pins to reprogram the ESP32. Unlike before, where the pitch was 2mm, it’s now 2.54mm, like the Arduino headers. These pins won’t be soldered, as they shouldn’t be necessary thanks to the USB-serial converter already on board, but if they’re needed, they’re there. Finally, I’ve added some thermal vias under the ESP32 that should help dissipate heat better under the board.

If you haven’t pre-ordered your ESP-360-Remote, please remember that the 2-pack discount is only available during the campaign period, which only has about two weeks left.

Take care everyone, and see you next week!

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