HEGduino V2

by AlasKit

A flexible FNIRS and blood-flow biofeedback Kit


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Product Choices


MAX86141 FNIRS Breakout Board

Get the breakout board for the MAX86141 FNIRS sensor, which doubles as a foldable pulse ox. The sensor requires a SPI interface and 3.3V-5V power from a microcontroller. Comes with male and female pin headers and a free Arduino library.


Mounted FNIRS sensor with headband

Get the new low cost HEG headset with the MAX86141 sensor and ESP32 microcontroller, mounted in a handmade wire and fabric headset. The biofeedback software is free and will be receiving feature support for the foreseeable future. Battery not included.



We are a ragtag team of engineers and optimists trying to make a difference in this cold, dark place called Alaska.

Joshua Brewster

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