HEGduino V2

by AlasKit

A flexible FNIRS and blood-flow biofeedback Kit


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  • Ken Nickerson

    Toronto, Canada

  • Surej M


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MAX86141 FNIRS Breakout Board

Get the breakout board for the MAX86141 FNIRS sensor, which doubles as a foldable pulse ox. The sensor requires a SPI interface and 3.3V-5V power from a microcontroller. Comes with male and female pin headers and a free Arduino library.


Mounted FNIRS sensor with headband

Get the new low cost HEG headset with the MAX86141 sensor and ESP32 microcontroller, mounted in a handmade wire and fabric headset. The biofeedback software is free and will be receiving feature support for the foreseeable future. Battery not included.


LiPo Battery

One 1000mAh LiPo battery to be used with your HEG headset. Only available to ship within the USA.



We are a ragtag team of engineers and optimists trying to make a difference in this cold, dark place called Alaska.

Joshua Brewster

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