David Bershadsky and Alexander Kirillov

Stony Brook, NY  ·   roverwing-board.readthedocs.io

Alexander Kirillov

I am a professor of mathematics, but have been interested in robotics and electronics for many years. In 2008, I started a robotics team, Team Islandbots; after competing for a couple of years in First Lego League, we moved on to First Tech Challenge (FTC) and became one of the most successful teams on Long Island, twice advancing to the World Championship. In addition, I have been doing robotics classes in a science summer camp SigmaCamp, designing and programming robots. Some of these projects gave us the inspiration to create RoverWing.

David Bershadsky

I am an 18-year-old currently studying electrical engineering. I like to spend my time on projects such as building robots and designing PCBs.

I got into robotics during 7th grade, when I joined the Islandbots FTC team 4137, coached by Alexander Kirillov. I then went on to become the captain of the Trinity school team 14413 during which time I worked on various miscellaneous PCB project similar to RoverWing.

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