A USB kill cord for your laptop

May 11, 2022

Project update 13 of 28

Cable Production 1/3 Complete

by Michael Altfield

Magnetic Breakaway Cable

Good news: The CNC injection mold modifications are complete, and production has started on our BusKill magnetic breakaway cables.

Bad news: Many items had to be discarded due to issues with the mold, and the production is only 34% complete.

We’re aiming to finish this production run before the end of May. Unfortunately, these delays mean we’ll need to push-back the estimated shipping date by 1 month again, to August 1st.

USB Storage

The BusKill software triggers (locks your screen) on a USB hotplug removal event. This is the primary function of the USB Storage device for our customers who purchased the full BusKill Kit. Secondarily, it will ship with the BusKill software for ease-of-installation.

We’ve selected a vendor for the USB Storage device that meets our technical and most of our legal requirements.

USB Storage devices sold to the UK next year have an additional certification requirement: UKCA. We were unable to find a vendor of a USB Storage device that is already certified under FCC, CE, and UKCA, but we’ve initiated the process for our USB Storage device to be tested & certified for our UK customers.


We’ve selected a vendor for the product packaging. It will be a 10 x 10 x 3 cm "pizza box" style with unbleached, kraft, biodegradable, corrugated cardboard. We think this will offer the best protection for the product.

We’ve designed the graphics for the product box label to meet Mouser’s requirements, and we’re currently sourcing a printing supplier who can provide biodegradable, matte paper stickers, as we’d like to avoid using single-use plastics in our packaging.

Next, we need to design the graphics for the paper insert with links to our documentation, contact information, regulatory compliance certifications, safety warnings, etc.


We ordered the keyrings from our supplier. They should arrive to us this or next week.

Website Checkout Bug

Thanks to a bug report, we learned that it was impossible to purchase from our website in cryptocurrencies if shipping to a country that doesn’t use Provinces/States in their shipping address (eg Sweden).

This has been fixed. If anyone has further issues purchasing directly from our website, please let us know :)

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