A USB kill cord for your laptop

Feb 08, 2022

Project update 8 of 26

Our Campaign Is Funded!

by Michael Altfield

I’m overjoyed to announce that—thanks to 99 backers—we sold 111 BusKill cables and raised $18,507 during our six-week crowdfunding campaign!

What’s next?

Now that we’re funded, the next step is to reach out to suppliers, order and compare samples, and find a partner for kitting (assembly and packaging). Once we’ve reviewed the samples and selected the suppliers that meet our standards, we’ll do a small sample run and QA check. If all is well, it’s time for the production run, shipping to the distributor, and shipping to you.


So when will you get your BusKill cables? Our target ship date is still June 1st.

Throughout the campaign, we reached out to several suppliers in Guangdong. Now that the campaign is over, we’ve reached out to them again for samples. The ongoing Chinese New Year holiday means we won’t be able to have samples shipped until mid-February. By early March, we hope to have received and tested many of these samples.

We’ll be sure to post another update in the coming weeks and whenever there’s a major advancement (or setback) as we work towards fulfilling your orders. In the meantime, we still have cables available for pre-order. :)

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