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Jun 12, 2024

Project update 28 of 28

Warrant Canary 008 -- Hardware and Software Dev News

by Michael Altfield

The BusKill Team has just published our cryptographically signed Warrant Canary #008.

Although security is one of our top priorities, we might not be able to inform you of a breach if we are served with a secret, state-issued subpoena (also known as a "gag order"). The BusKill team publishes cryptographically signed warrant canaries on a biannual basis to indicate to our users the integrity of our systems.

Development Progress

We’re currently fixing our CI build system, a process that involves manually downloading, verifying, and then updating many of our app’s dependencies. Because most package managers don’t provide authenticity checks (and because brew switched from JFrog to a container registry), this is an arduous process.

We’ve also squashed some bugs relating to small font display on HiDPI displays. And added an accessibility feature for users to be able to customize the font in the app.

Documentation Progress

We’ve been working with YouTuber samxplogs to produce better video demos of BusKill. We should begin publishing these videos later this year.


Last month we published our first video demo showing a homemade BusKill Cable (in the prototype 3D-printed case) triggering a lock-screen.

We’re happy to say this generated some interest, and it was covered by hackster.io :)

We look forward to continuing to improve the BusKill software and making BusKill more accessible this year. If you want to help, please consider purchasing a BusKill cable for yourself or a loved one. It helps us fund further development and you get your own BusKill cable to keep you or your loved ones safe.

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