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The NUT2NT+ Campaign has Started

Hello to Everyone!

We have a new GNSS SDR board campaign that has started.

First of all, many thanks to people already pledged! Now we have about quarter of goal we need to start producing the boards and antennas. Our hope that we do the right thing become harder.

I note main features of the NUT2NT+ board and campaign:

  • The NUT2NT+ is low cost now, started from $250 for Early-Bird.
  • The NUT2NT+ is still open source, we will publish all the sources, software and hardware, regarding the board soon. Some is already on Amungo Github.
  • We are already testing NUT2NT+ with best open software GNSS receiver - GNSS-SDR, it works for GPS L1 and GLONASS L1 in real time and in file mode.
  • We are offering good accessories: antennas and enclosures for all parts.

We have come a long way from NUT4NT to NUT2NT+ and hope to go further.

Thank you so much for your support!

Igor Tsarik

Amungo Navigation

$8,464 raised

of $25,000 goal

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Nov 08 2016


Amungo Navigation

Amungo Navigation creates hardware for geo-location.

Igor Tcarik

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