ANAVI Macro Pad 10 & Knobs

Small, programmable, open source input devices with clickable rotary encoders

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Project Backers

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Leon D
Dunedin, New Zealand

Jim V
Denver, CO

Bruce S
Lancaster, PA

Marc S
Mainz, Germany

Edward S
Dexter, MI

Chris B
Ulverston, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Abyss Delver

knud j
svendborg, Denmark

Alexey T
Menlo Park, CA

Tobias F
Zorneding, Germany

Berthold G
Koblenz, Germany

Mack B
San Diego, CA

Andy M
Springfield, VA

Hopper A
Melissa, TX

Chris C
Whittier, CA

Evan R
Seattle, WA

Wolf W
Greven, Germany

David M
Rock Hill, NY

Bruno C
Chicago, IL

Oleg K
Wilmington, DE

Aaron K
New Hyde Park, NY

Mathias S
Potsdam, Germany

Erik R
Charlotte, NC

Roderick B
Waterford, VA

Eric D
Coquitlam, Canada

heath p
Maple Valley, WA

Richard H
Greensboro, NC

Florian W
Hamburg, Germany

William C
Saint Augustine, FL

Johnathan A
East Amherst, NY

Paul M
Hamilton, New Zealand

Brendan K

Jyrki L
San Francisco, CA

Clay C
Livonia, NY

George W
La Crescenta, CA

Serge V
Campbell, CA

Stephan L
Uppsala, Sweden

Michael P
South Pasadena, CA

Eric J
Grafton, WI

Martin R
Fremont, CA

Tony B
Lexington, KY

Ben Q
Philadelphia, PA

John I
Feeding Hills, MA

Joel P
San Francisco, CA

Stefan M
Berlin, Germany

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Portland, OR

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