ANAVI Macro Pad 10 & Knobs

Small, programmable, open source input devices with clickable rotary encoders

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Nov 30, 2022

Manufacturing Progress

Recently, we received the first batch of ANAVI Macro Pad 10 printed circuit boards with surface mount components assembled on both sides. Read the full update.

Nov 15, 2022

Printed Circuit Boards Design with KiCad

Learn more about the tools used to create Anavi Macro Pad 10, Knobs 3, and Knob 1. Read the full update.

Nov 02, 2022

KMK: Clackety Keyboards Powered by Python

KMK is feature-rich and beginner-friendly open source firmware for mechanical keyboards that, is good for the job, especially on a powerful microcontroller like the Raspberry Pi RP2040. Read the full update.

Oct 26, 2022

Why is CircuitPython Good for Mechanical Keyboards?

Learn some of the background behind our macropad keyboard firmware. Read the full update.

Oct 18, 2022

Why is the XIAO RP2040 a Good Fit for Mechanical Keyboards? (Video demo)

Enjoy this look into the heart of the Anavi Macro Pad 10, Knobs 3, and Knob 1. Read the full update.

Oct 10, 2022

QMK Support Coming Soon

October is Hacktoberfest, a month-long celebration of open-source projects, so this is a great opportunity to port QMK to ANAVI Macro Pad 10! Read the full update.

Oct 04, 2022

We're funded!

ANAVI Macro Pad 10, ANAVI Knobs 3, and ANAVI Knob 1 were all fully funded and all stretch goals were met in the first week! Read the full update.

Sep 26, 2022

Our Campaign is Now Live on Crowd Supply!

Read the full update.

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