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ANAVI Play pHAT is a super simple, low cost open source hardware add-on board for Raspberry Pi with buttons for retro gaming and slots for up to 3 I2C sensor modules.

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Game On

Thank you! We did it! ANAVI Play pHAT, the open source hardware gaming add-on for Raspberry Pi, has been successfully funded.

Our crowdfunding campaign had a very modest goal of just $1. We already have experience with several successful crowdfunding projects in the past and we have established an excellent manufacturing pipeline in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We are ready to make and deliver any quantity of ANAVI Play pHAT. All printed circuit boards will be made in the European Union. We did our best to keep the prices as low as possible and the pledges start at just 12USD with free worldwide shipping.

Our crowdfunding campaign still has a couple of exciting stretch goals. If we raise:

  • $1,000, we’ll add awesome stickers for all backers
  • $2,000, we’ll create a step by step tutorial for making a GPIO-button keyboard using a device tree binary overlay for the Linux kernel on Raspberry Pi

Please help us hit the stretch goals by spreading the word about ANAVI Play pHAT. We hope you will have a lot of fun with this low-cost add-on for your Raspberry Pi.

Thanks, Leon

$701 raised

of $1 goal

Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Maker Kit

Includes one soldering kit for makers (1).



Includes one fully assembled ANAVI Play pHAT (1).


Starter Kit

Includes one fully assembled ANAVI Play pHAT (1) and two acrylic cases (2).


Developer Kit

Everything a developer needs! Includes one fully assembled ANAVI Play pHAT (1), two acrylic cases (2), sensors for temperature & humidity (1), barometric pressure (1), and light (1).


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